Furniture Color Trends for 2021

Feb 22nd 2021

Colors play an important role in the interior decor of a home. The colors of furniture can create a certain mood. While many people choose bright, trendy, and bold colors, while there are other people as well that go for light colors as those colors can make them calm and relaxed. The color that you choose for furniture reflects your personality and character. With the changing lifestyle needs, vintage furniture is also becoming a go-to solution. Whatever the color trends for furniture are, make sure that you are purchasing furniture from a reputable furniture store offering high-quality furniture.

Now you must be thinking what will be the furniture color trends for this year. Do not worry, in this article, we are going to share the top furniture color trends for 2021, so let's get started!

Soft Pink Tone

The soft pink tone is also in fashion these days. This neutral and light shade of pink can be enhanced with a contrast of dark colors, including maroon, green, blue, or yellow. You can also combine the soft pink shades with similar delicate colors, for example, light purple. Just imagine the shades of pink on a Diva Sofa or a Gilman Sofa. Trust me; they will look beautiful!


Any object can shine more fully if it is surrounded by white color. The same goes for furniture as well. In 2021, people prefer to go for a white color in the furniture, whether it is a bed, sofa, side tables, or dining table. Your pieces of furniture (in white tone) can be revealed better if it is surrounded by the contrasting tones.

A Chicago Console Table, Chicago End Table, and Bellmar Double Dresser from Ana Furniture are the perfect examples of modern and trendy furniture with great functionalities.

The Colors of Nature

The colors of nature are one of the favorites and the trendiest colors for the furniture this year. Grey, beige, brown, blue, and green colors remind us of the landscapes of Earth. People feel relaxed in these colors of nature.

Yellow and Cream Tones

Yellow and cream tones are also great colors for the furniture of 2021. These colors add light to a room, opening up the entire space and making it look brighter.