Measuring for Delivery

measuring for delivery inforgraphics including how to measure doors, staircase, ceilings
1. Main Entryway/Doorway Height
2. Main Entryway/Doorway Width
3. Stairwell Width
4. Stairwell Corner Width
5. Distance between floor and any lighting fixtures
6. Interior Doorway Height
7. Interior Doorway Width
8. Stairwell Corner Height

Measurement Guidelines


Not only should you measure your entry way, but if your building has multiple entry points, please find the one that would be easiest to use, and make sure it is ready for accepting a delivery.


Measure the height and the width of the doorways to ensure that the furniture piece will fit through the doorway. Take into account any hanging light fixtures in your measurements if applicable.


Measure the height and width of these areas, including any handrails or any other pieces that cannot be removed. 

Measure the staircase width.

Measure the staircase corner width.


Ensure that pathways are clear and free of obstacles. Our delivery team is not responsible for moving any other furniture besides the item you are getting delivered.

Any special requirements must be communicated to us beforehand. This includes gate codes, hours of service, etc.

Please measure the above areas in your home to help delivery run smoothly and so your furniture piece will fit in your desired area! If you have any further questions about delivery or measuring your space, feel free to contact us here or give us a call at (510)-200-9387.