About Us

About Us:

Our Story:

In 2006, Ana Furniture identified a demand: individuals were seeking modern home décor and furniture without breaking the bank. This drove our dedication towards curating premier designs from across the globe, while ensuring their accessibility to all. Looking ahead to the present, after 17 years of relentless efforts, we have effectively catered to this requirement, propelling us to become one of the rapidly expanding furniture vendors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Mission:

From design to customer service, every single one of our departments gives their all every single day to ensure that our customers will not only have the most beautiful designs, but the best quality furnishings as well. As a small, local business founded in the SF Bay Area, we’ve never lost sight of our mission: providing our clients with the furniture they truly want, at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality and design.

At Ana Furniture, we know better than anyone that furniture is more than just practical pieces to fill our home with; they say something about who we are. From transitional, eclectic pieces to exciting, contemporary designs, people define themselves by their surroundings, and nothing says more about us than the objects we choose to live with every single day. Trends come and go, but our quality furniture at the best price is always in style.

Our Philosophy:

We firmly believe that exceptional design has the potential to be accessible to everyone. The most cherished furniture pieces possess distinctive perspectives, and our responsibility is to connect customers with designs that enable them to convey their personal artistic outlook.

Why Choose Ana Furniture?

Today, Ana Furniture offers exactly what people are looking for. Furnishing your home should be exciting, so our professional staff is proud to consistently present the styles our clients love the most - from classic pieces that promise timeless beauty, to the very latest in contemporary styles. Let our team of experts guide you on your journey to make every room a testament to your own personal aesthetic.At Ana Furniture, there’s something for everyone and every room in your house. We carry a variety of options to furnish dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms of your home in the latest, contemporary designs. Just visit one of our four beautiful showrooms to see for yourself. We always put our customers first, which is why we offer the lowest prices and outstanding customer service – guaranteed.

From start to finish, Ana Furniture has what you need.